Red-Shouldered Hawk Study in Southern Ohio

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Research Team Biographies

Cheryl Dykstra Ph.D. / Director

B.S., Calvin College, 1988
M.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wildlife Ecology, 1991
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wildlife Ecology, 1995

Cheryl has worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and is now an independent researcher studying urban/suburban raptors. She is also Editor-in-chief of The Journal of Raptor Research. Her research interests include urban/suburban populations, reproductive success, habitat use, natal dispersal, breeding dispersal, survival, diet, behavioral ecology, survey and monitoring, and ecotoxicology.

                         Sara Johnson Miller / Graduate Student

. University of Georgia, dual Wildlife Ecology & Management and Environmental Assessment, 2007  M.S. Arkansas State University, Biology, 2013

The newest member of the team, Sara,  joined to study the nesting ecology of suburban Red-shouldered Hawks using 24-hour video monitoring.  She  investigated incubation behavior and prey delivery to the nest, behavioral interactions between chicks, and causes of nest failure.    Previous raptor experience includes volunteering at a falconry center in England and working with captive, injured raptors at Rock Eagle 4-H Environmental Education Center in Georgia.  Sara has recently taken a position as a wildlife biologist with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Sandra Stone/  Web Developer, Field Assistant

B.A.,  Indiana University, Bloomington Indiana. Education & Fine Arts, Photography.,1969.  She is a Permaculture Specialist and has done  many Garden Installations and Designs.  She was Coordinator of the
Spring Grove Community Gardens.  She has been a volunteer with the Red-Shouldered Project since 2004.


Melinda M. Simon / Research Associate

Denison University,
Grandville Ohio. Melinda was formerly employed in Product Development  for  Proctor
and Gamble Co.  She serves on
the Board of Trustees of the
Ohio Audubon Society and Raptor Incorporated. She is
also the Secretary of the
Ohio Bird Banding Association.   She has volunteered with the
Red Shouldered Hawk project since 1997.


Ann Wegman / Field Assistant

B.A., Miami University,
1990  Zoology.  She was formally employed at the
University of Cincinnati
as Research Associate
doing outreach programs,
and  served as Environmental Awareness Specialist for the Forest Park School District in Winton Woods. She is currently Animal Resources Coordinator at the Cincinnati Museum Center. She has volunteered with  the
Red-Shouldered Hawk
Study project since 2002.


Jeff Hays / Research Associate

He has been monitoring red-shouldered hawks in the Cincinnati and Hocking Hills
areas for approximately 18 years. He has co-authored several papers on the productivity, nest site selection, home ranges and eating habits of Red-shouldered Hawks.

Each year he does field work as a climber for the Wisconsin and Michigan Departments of Natural Resources. They study the productivity and contaminant levels of Bald Eagles, Osprey, and Northern Goshawks.

He is a longtime board member and volunteer of RAPTOR, Inc., a Cincinnati-based organization dedicated to rehabilitating injured birds of prey and educating the public about them.

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